Key Features RAID 0, 3,5 Configurations Auto RAID 3,5 Configuration based on I/O Complete ease of use.
SEAGRA works closely with the leading suppliers of audio, video and streaming media hardware and software products
A Word About Compatibility All
STSR-x disk arrays are subjected
to exhaustive and on-going
compatibility tests.
Fail-Sefe(Redundant) Arrays
SEAGRA’s fail-safe arrays offer the highest levels of performance while protecting the content stored on the array..
Our Highest Performance Stripped Disk Array: STSR-X RAID V disk arrays feature a fast single 4G fibre Channel interface and support the leading professional digital content creation systems -from DV to HD and everything in between.
About Us
Our Company
Seagra Technology, Inc was founded with the goal of creating professional quality products. We manufacture the most reliable and flexible solutions for high availability data storage applications.
SEAGRA delivers the most cost-effective, high performance Network and Professional Content Content Creation Storage Solutions. We geared our technical expertise to develop new storage solutions to fit the demand of any application. Our goal is to offer great products and the best support in the industry. SEAGRA offers solutions for many different clients and markets, Networks, SAN NAS, Archive Solutions Broadcast, Education and Government.
Who are we?
At SEAGRA we know storage. Quality, Performance, and Support are our specialties. We have been dedicated to the content creation industry for over a decade and we have been manufacturing storage solution for over twenty years. Every product is exclusively designed with the application’s requirements in mind SEAGRA HAS A TEAM OF knowledgeable software hardware engineers behind all our products SEAGRA development team works to develop the best software and hardware storage solutions in the industry.
Our goal?
We offers storage solutions for people in the multimedia, storage network, medical and government industries. SEAGRA is the one source supplier for video editors, photographers, music, network admin and effective storage solutions at affordable prices.
How we build our products ?
Seagra emphasizes THE USE OF QUALITY COMPONENTS TO produce storage solutions that would reduce the chances of component failure and data loss. Every product is subjected to extensive stress testing to give our customers the most reliable of storage devices. we know that we earn a customer's trust every time we build a solid product.
How we offer our products ?
Seagra Technology Inc head office is located in the city of Irvine, Southern California. All of our products are tested and assembled in Irvine. CA. SEAGRA products are offered by many fine resellers and distributors worldwide

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