Key Features RAID 0, 3,5 Configurations Auto RAID 3,5 Configuration based on I/O Complete ease of use.
SEAGRA works closely with the leading suppliers of audio, video and streaming media hardware and software products
A Word About Compatibility All
STSR-x disk arrays are subjected
to exhaustive and on-going
compatibility tests.
Fail-Sefe(Redundant) Arrays
SEAGRA’s fail-safe arrays offer the highest levels of performance while protecting the content stored on the array..
Our Highest Performance Stripped Disk Array: STSR-X RAID V disk arrays feature a fast single 4G fibre Channel interface and support the leading professional digital content creation systems -from DV to HD and everything in between.
4 GigaBit Fibre Channel Adapter Series
SEAGRA Delivers Unsurpassed performance
Our 4 GB/s Fibre Channel PCI Express adapter series fulfills virtually any storage connection need or environment, whether data mining, video and streaming, or high availability. These adapters were engineered to deliver unequaled performance, high port density, easy installation, as well as accommodating PCI Express host platform saw.
SEAGRA is committed to bringing high performance solutions to applications that can’t afford the premium priced products offered today. All SEAGRA products are tested for compatibility with all major. Fibre Channel products including Switches, Hosts Computers, Storage devices and major operating systems. The STFC400 Family of Fibre Channel Host Adapters are are non-compromising Fibre Channel products designed to meet the growing needs for cost effective Fibre Channel connectivity.
Product Features
Available one, two or four ports
All ports, 800 MB/sec. throughput per channel in full-duplex mode
Auto-speed (1,2 and 4GB/s)- Includes SFP OPTICS
My storage Management allows centralized management and
remote control
PCI Express x8 lanes.
Over200,000 I/Os per second
Link speed / activity LED(s)
End -to-end data integrity (T10 DIF support)
FCP-2 tape support
Persistent binding LUN masking
Loopback and read/write buffer tests
SCSI initiator, target and initiator target modes with support of
12 alias ALPA
Connect directly to RAID, Disk or Switch equipment
ARM CPUs for FC offload
Supports bootable devices
All Major OS drivers and dual channel has low profile bracket options
2 year limited warranty RoHS compliance.

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