Key Features RAID 0, 3,5 Configurations Auto RAID 3,5 Configuration based on I/O Complete ease of use.
SEAGRA works closely with the leading suppliers of audio, video and streaming media hardware and software products
A Word About Compatibility All
STSR-x disk arrays are subjected
to exhaustive and on-going
compatibility tests.
Fail-Sefe(Redundant) Arrays
SEAGRA’s fail-safe arrays offer the highest levels of performance while protecting the content stored on the array..
Our Highest Performance Stripped Disk Array: STSR-X RAID V disk arrays feature a fast single 4G fibre Channel interface and support the leading professional digital content creation systems -from DV to HD and everything in between.
4/8/16Gb/s Fibre Channel RAID Array Storage Sub-System Series

5 SATA drives, Enterprise Edition, Seagate 1.2MTBF ES.2 drives, Standard and Certified.
RAID V supports single 10-bit 1080i HD, very cost effective near-line storage library.

Single STSR-X RAID V 4/8/16Gbps Fibre Channel
(SATA to Fibre Channel) Disk Array
Single Desktop Unit Capacity to 2.5 to 40 Terabyte:
6 Terabyte that’s over 8 hours of uncompressed 10-bit, HD Video footage!

SAN-Ready Fibre Channel, Fail-Safe RAID V Disk
Array, Connect directly to Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters or Switch equipment, Alternet to SAN Solution

Continuous and silent (background without impacting performance) RAIDWatch for better drive reliability
Copper or Optical Fibre Channel Port
Auto Background Drive Rebuild Real-Time
Fast RAID V Striping Array Technology
Plug and Play Installation, Complete ease of use, Rotary switch for easy configuration of RAID level options, 512/2048/4096 RAID Sector size

Ultra Performance 4Gb FC 400MB/Second, RAID V(3/5) 380MB/s and Low Cost
Compact Desktop Enclosure
Supports real-time SD and HD Applications
Complete Hardware RAID , no Host RAID Software Required
Efficient sustained performance reduces array count i.e , 3 arrys instead of 4
Operating system independent, Supports all OS (Windows, Linux , MAC and more).
SATA drive HotSwap (Seagra’s IP)-even when I/O’s are active (No Degrade in Performance)
RS232 port - configuration and maintenance also event logging feature to log events for better technical support. Optional Ethernet Management
Drive mismatch warning (LED's) when drives are removed and re-installed incorrectly.
4Gigabit Fibre Channel Hot swap support for operating systems with this featured enable.

Non-Redundant Mode Performance same as Redundant Mode (with one drive fail or shut-down)
Fibre Channel Interface:
  • 4/8/16Gb Optical/Copper Cable Interface support
  • LC style pluggable (SFP), multimode optics(850nM)
  • Auto-speed (4, 8 and 16Gb/s)
  • Full duplex 800MB/s @4Gb, Data Transfer Rates
  • Link Speed, I/O Activity LED
  • End -to-end data integrity(T10 DIF support)
  • Point-to-point, arbitrated loop, switched fabric(N_port, NL_port, FL_port, F_port) Topology supported
  • ANSI FC Standards (FC-PH, FC-AL2,FC-FCP,FC-PLDA,FC-FLA) supported
Auto Rebuild when new drive inserted without impacting performance.
Built-in-on-the-fly RAIDGuard(Seagra’s IP) to
minimize downed drives.
  • Product designed and Made in U.S.A
  • 3-Year Warranty(Controller), 5-Year Warranty on Drives

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